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Our customers love this product and we have customers in every state of Australia using our Carnival race tipping products. The Spring Carnival seems to be more popular than the Autumn/Winter Carnival.

There are a few reasons why we stick to carnival racing. They are, for people who are non-racing fans, this is when the best horses are racing. It is much easier to do the form and you will normally get a much better price for your horse because the pools are so much bigger. The bigger the pool, the better the price.

Setting up your race tipping competition is like your footy competition, just follow the same procedure.


Once you have received your pack, put your Posters (A3 & A2) up where everybody can see them, so they know you are running a footy tipping competition. E.g. Beside the toilet door.

Put your Registration Board up in a prominent position so the punters can register their interest to play. Get a couple of your regulars to sign up and start the ball rolling.

Transfer the names to the Main Scoreboard and allocate each player a player card.

IMPORTANT These cards must remain in the hotel/club always (do not give them to the players to take home).


WIN: 5 points
2ND: 3 points
3RD: 2 points
GT WIN: +5 points (i.e. 5 for the win + 5 for the GT = 10 POINTS)
GT LOSS: -5 points (Deduct 5 points)
PICK THE CARD: +10 points (pick 8 winners, no 2nd or 3rds)


There are 2 “double point” rounds listed on the cards, these rounds are colour coded.


An add on to our race tipping product is the “Good Thing” which can make or break a punter on any given meeting. Players can take as many GT’s as they like for any meeting. Tick the GT column on your card and if your GT wins you score an extra 5 points, but if the GT runs second or third, the score is minus 5 (no points for 2nd or 3rd).


If you set an amount per player E.g. $2 week or $50 for the season, make sure all money is paid no later than week 5. Any player not paid up by week 5 should be deleted from the competition.

Alternatively, you may want to use our racing sweep system (see below or check out our website). By using the sweeps, you can let your players in FREE of CHARGE and you will get a handle on how much money you will have at the end of the season.

E.g. ASM 16 STARTER RACE SWEEPS: Sell 16 tickets @ $5 = $80.00. $40.00 for the winner, $40 to your prize pool per week. Total pool at the end of the competition (13 weeks) will be $520.00. Do 2 sweeps a week and raise $1040.00 for your pool.


We supply a free tipping service to all our race tipping customers, tips are sent through via email for the eight selected races each week the day before race day. Normally Friday but during the Melbourne Cup carnival the day before each of the four days.

This is a much sought-after product with an exceptional strike rate for winners and placed horses as well as tips for the exotic punters. NB: The 2018 Spring Carnival tips are available for download to all our customers whether they are using or tipping pack or not. The idea of course being, we want them to get involved and run with our Autumn/Spring carnival tipping pack products. A great entertainment product.


 Always keep the player cards in your establishment.

 Use the suggested scoring system.

 Use the Double Point Round feature for extra entertainment.

 Take advantage of the FREE Professional Tipping Service.


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